AnyHow Billing Details

This will describe the how all billing works within AnyHow.

Organizational Billing

All organizations will have their own billing profile. So you can own as many organizations as you'd like however each one will be charged individually for their respective active employee count.

How Your Bill Is Calculated

You are given a monthly charge for every active employee in your organization. There is no minimum for time an employee is active. So for a given month, for every active employee, you will be given a charge for that employee. If you reach the monthly maximum amount, then your charges are capped.

If you deactivate an employee during the billing period, then as long as that employee stays deactivated during the next billing period you will not be given a charge for that employee.

Again, you are only charged for active employees for a given month.

Note: Guest/Client accounts are considered active employee accounts. So you will accumulate monthly charges for guest accounts as well.

When will I be billed?

When you create your organization you are generally offered a trial period. This can vary but during that trial period you are free to use AnyHow with as many active employees as you'd like completely free of charge.

When the trial period runs out (you will be notified in advance before this happens) then you will begin accumulating monthly charges based on active employees as described above.

You will be charged approximately 30 days from the date of your trial expiration. You will be charged an amount based on the monthly cost per active employee and how many employees were active during that 30 days.

What's included?

There are no limits to what is included in your AnyHow plan. You have access to every feature within the website and each employee is able to use the service to the limits that were set within your organization.

For a full feature list, please see our features page.


Our goal is make sure you love the AnyHow service. So with that in mind, if at any time you'd like a refund of the last month's service you are free to process this refund whenever you'd like.

There is no waiting, no submission process that is dependant on us approving the request, etc. You simply request the refund and it is immediately processed.

We trust you and all of our customers. If you believe you're entitled to a refund, then we are not going to argue with that!

Simply head to your Billing and Payments page to view your payment history and choose the payment you wish you refund.

Of course, to account for the rare abuser we do have safe guards in place to avoid refund abuse. Don't worry, unless you're trying to abuse the refund system then you should never run into any issues.


You are free to cancel your AnyHow organization service any time you wish, no questions asked. It only takes a few clicks and done.

Just head to your Organization Status page to complete the cancellation. If you have a pending balance then you will be charged that balance when cancelling. All balances are pro-rated based on the time until your next billing date.